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Advanced Battery Systems

MEP Technologies has over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of low volume and high technology battery systems to a range of diverse markets. We pride ourselves on supporting innovative, niche applications that many other manufacturers may not be capable of supporting. At our Design and Manufacturing facility we have a team of engineering professionals with extensive experience who draw on traditional engineering practices whilst applying state of the art technologies to create and supply batteries for Automotive, Emobility, Energy storage and Industrial portable applications. Whether you already have a battery design concept or are working to develop a product that requires a bespoke battery system we are capable of supporting projects with an end-to-end design and manufacturing solution. we work closely with you to establish your needs, then develop and manufacture batteries optimised for safe and reliable performance.


Latest Cell Chemistries

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Reliable Electronic Management Systems

Lightweight Structures

Environmental Control and Cooling Systems

Tested to survive in harsh environments

Production and Design Facilities

Michelin Scotland Innovation Park, Dundee

The team at MEP Technologies have been involved in numerous battery projects ranging from simple portable phone batteries, right up to Large scale commercial automotive batteries. We have also been involved in the development and manufacture of the prestigious McLaren P1 battery pack, one of the world’s most powerful automotive battery packs per kg to date.