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Portable Energy Solutions

Providing high energy and high power battery packs designed specifically for harsh environments in addition to leisure industry products such as bikes and carts

Marine / Subsea

With experience of design and manufacture of battery systems for harsh environments, MEP Technologies can support your offshore and subsea application, no matter how large or small

Automotive & Mobility

Experienced Tier 1 supplier to OEMs we have designed and manufactured bespoke battery systems for some of the most demanding of applications With or without cooling systems depending on power requirements.

High Power Mobility

Experience of design High power lightweight systems rugged enough to survive in extreme environments and offer ultra-high power without compromise to safety

Peak energy densities (Wh/kg)
Peak Powers (kW)
Operational time (hrs)
Countries supported


MEP Technologies at the leading edge of Battery Development

The demanding requirements for batteries means the design is not often simple.
We continue to invest in development of the following key technologies to ensure our battery packs are designed and manufactured to be best in class.

Laser Welding manufacture

to support high power applications with low resistance connections

Cooling strategies

To manage cell temperatures in demanding applications to extend battery life

Battery Structures

Lightweight composite structures employed when high strength is required with light weight

Novel Cell Chemistries

By working with scale-up companies on leading edge chemistries as well as mainstream suppliers, we can offer a specific or cost effective solution to your needs